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Thank you for your interest in MoonBeans Fine

Roasted Coffees Fundraising Program!


MoonBeans is a locally owned and operated

company that has been firmly rooted in the Aiken

community since 1999. We roast our coffees with

great care in small batches right downtown.

MoonBeans Coffees wants to help you meet your

fundraising goals this holiday season. This packet

contains all of the information you need to get started on a successful Fund Raiser with MoonBeans. Our roasting team is ready to help every step of the way, so let’s get started!

Let's get the ball rolling.

Planning, keep it simple.


Fundraising with MoonBeans: A step-by-step guide


1. Give us a call! 803.644.0637 and speak to our roasting crew to set up an account, request order forms and schedule pick up, delivery or UPS shipping. If you would like to use your own artwork or logos for custom packaging, we can hook that up for you too!


2. Set a time line for your students to complete their Fundraising efforts. We recommend a limit of no more than two weeks.


3. Choose the coffee(s) you would like to use for your Fund Raiser and decide on a dollar amount to charge your customers.


4. Distribute order forms to students who will be Fundraising.


5. Ensure that students are collecting money as they place their orders. Designate a due date for collection of money & order forms just after your Fund Raiser has ended.


6. Call or e-mail your MoonBeans representative to place your order and make payment arrangements. Please note when ordering the importance of separating totals of ground and whole bean coffee orders.


7. Make final arrangements for pickup, delivery or shipping times with a MoonBeans representative. We will require a minimum of 5 business days to prepare your order, so please plan accordingly and note that processing time lines may change during our high volume holiday season.


8. Pick up or receive your order on the scheduled date and distribute

them to your students to pass out to their customers.


9. Need anything else? Just give us a call @ 803.644.0637







Fund Raiser Product Offerings


Flavored Coffees $5.99/lb


Southern Pecan

Nutcracker Sweet


Conventional Varietal Coffees $5.99/lb

Brazil Cerrado (medium or French roast)

Costa Rican Tarrazu (light roast)

Colombian Supremo (medium roast)


Conventional Blended Coffees $5.99/lb

7 Monkey Fury!!! (dark roast)

Jus’ Plain coffee (medium roast)

Please Mom, Just 5 more minutes (light roast)


Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffees $6.99/lb

Peruvian (medium roast)

Sumatran (French roast)


Conventional Decaf Coffees $6.49/lb

Colombian Supremo (medium roast)


Fair Trade Certified water process Decaf Coffees $6.99/lb

Dreamweaver Blend (dark roast)

Harvest Blend (medium roast)



Tips for making the most of your Fund Raiser



We recommend pricing your coffee between $10 & $14 per pound to maximize your profit while keeping prices realistic for your customers.


Get and stay organized.

Set clear attainable sales goals for your students (example: 10lbs per person).


Define what you are trying to accomplish.

Assign tasks to specific volunteers or students and follow ordering  instructions. Plenty of organization on the front end will ensure your Fund Raiser runs smoothly during preparation, Fundraising and distribution times.


Fundraising events scheduled during the holiday gift-giving season can be wonderfully successful!

Perhaps your customers are already in search of the perfect gift for the coffee lovers on their lists! Good to keep in mind when you are scheduling your campaign.



We recommend advertising your Fund Raiser about 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date. You can contact your supporters via email, newsletters, mailings, websites, message boards and fliers. If people don’t know about your efforts, they will not be able to support them!


Motivate your students and volunteers!

Explain clearly how to take orders, collect money & distribute coffee purchases. Offer incentives like prizes or activities. Get creative! Incentives don’t necessarily have to cost money. A friendly competition perhaps? Being appreciative of and encouraging to students and volunteers will keep them motivated.


Generally, the most successful Fund Raisers seem to be those that run for a limited time period.

We suggest a period of about 2 weeks. When setting your time line, be realistic. Make sure parents are informed of the campaign in advance and be sure to allow a minimum of 5 business days to fill your order. If your Fund Raiser will be held during the busy holiday season, please allow for a minimum of 7 business days for order fulfillment. Be sure to give your customers a good idea of when they can expect to receive their orders. Coffee (especially ground coffee) should be delivered within a week to ensure that your customers are getting the freshest product possible.